Saturday, July 31, 2004

coffee and phone calls in the night

My site sucks. Been having major problems with gettng the color exact. SHeeeesh.
+ + +
It's friday (hurrah!) and will try to NOT spend for the weekend. It sucks thinking about the incident two days ago. I do hope it turns out for the best. Yesterday was soooo....i dunno. It was a weird day, to say the least. BUt at least the evening turned out to be interesting.

Met herb accidentally in Katipunan.I was walking from the video store (i rented a Kubrick docu) and acting all gloomy and stuff when i spotte dhere from afar. Man, it was really good to bump into her cos i didn't have text and i really wanted to see some familiar faces! We got around to talking while having coffee and it was pretty fun! Might venture into a quick tutorial part-time soon with her (hope it pushes through) so i can get some moolah... argh. time sare hard, especially when you lose stuff.
+ + +
Had a chance to talk with Haydz last night. It was really good talking to her about stuff, catching up on stuff and news. I was pleasantly surprised i got to talk to her on the phone for that long (about 2-3 hours) --- haven't spent talking on the phone that long in a while. We got to talk about teh weirdest things --- Winnie the Pooh (complete with the theme song), Enid Blyton, HS kadahs gone somewhere, quick money making schemes (hehehe) and eventual world domination. Woohoo.
+ + +
Started smoking again. Argh.I gotta stop doing this.

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